$200,000 Settlement in Dog Bite Case: No Client Left Behind

Apr 1, 2023Dog Bite Case, Personal Injury

We recently secured a massive victory in a dog bite case, settling for a whopping $200,000.00. Our client, a young boy, was viciously mauled by a dog while on a commercial property. The Defendant initially denied any wrongdoing, claiming that their signage clearly stated that no children were allowed on their property. They even went as far as to deny owning the dog, trying to absolve themselves of any liability.

But we refused to let them get away with their negligence. We knew that we had to fight for our client’s rights, and we were ready to take the case to trial if needed. The Defendant’s initial offer of $5,000.00 to settle the case was nothing short of an insult. We made it clear that we were not going to back down, and we were prepared to fight for our client all the way.

Through extensive negotiation, we were able to secure a pre-litigation settlement for our client in the amount of $200,000.00. Our slogan, “No client left behind,” is not just a phrase, it’s a promise. We are dedicated to fighting for our client’s rights and making sure that they receive the compensation they deserve.

In the end, our client was able to receive the justice and compensation that they deserved. We are proud to have been able to fight for their rights and hold the scrap yard accountable for their negligence. Our firm will always stand up for our clients and ensure that they are never left behind.

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